05/21/2022 – Chapter Ride – Fields of the Wood

Date: 5/21/2022
Time: 9:00 KSU @10:00
Location: T.C’s. grill.  2514 Old Niles Ferry Rd, Maryville, TN 37801

Fields of the Woods

We will proceed down hwy 360, through Tellico Plains, on to Hwy 68 & 294 to our destination.  The suggested tour time at the site is 2 hours.  Leaving there, we will continue south to Hwy 74, and the Ocoee river valley.  Our return loop will by north on 315, then Hwy 56, returning us to US411.

Total saddle time, 4-1/2hrs.  194miles traveled.

If I should ever fail to include this disclaimer, please remember the following considerations for ALL chapter rides:

  • All rides are subject to rescheduling based on severe inclement weather!  (some liquid sunshine will not deter us)
  • If the starting point or time is inconvenient for some, I encourage you to study the route closely.  If you would like to join up with us en route, please suggest a time and place to your road captain.  All reasonable delays or diversions will be considered.  We want you with us, and we will figure out a way to scoop you.. (can I get an amen from 12 Volt?)
  • If the destination is inconvenient, I encourage you to create a cut out point that would help you out.  Again, please advise your road captain so we won’t ‘miss’ you.  Cut out points could be a break for the group, or maybe traffic permitting, you come up to through the group for a quick wave goodbye.
  • These routes will be adhered to in spirit only.  Some freelancing may occur on any one of them.  Especially when it comes to the way home.

See y’all then!
Road Runner
aka Greg Stelly