10/09/2021 – Cherokee Loop (Group Ride)

Date: 10/9/2021
Time: KSU 8:30am
Location: Townsend Pancake House

I propose breakfast @ the Townsend Pancake House. They open @ 7:00. 7767 E Lamar Alexander PKWY. Let’s plan for KSU by 8:30.

From Townsend, back west to the Foothills Parkway, US 129 to Deal’s Gap, on to US 28, then US 19 to Bryson City, and lunch in Cherokee North Carolina.

Food & Fuel in Cherokeeā€¦

On to US 441 through the GSMNP, US 73 back to US 321 and Townsend.

The loop is roughly 150 miles, and 4 hours saddle time. Plan for 6-7 hours with stops. (plus your travel time to and from the starting point)

Chapter Road Captain
Gregory Stelly