02/18/2022 – 02/19/2022 – Seasons of Refreshing

Date: February 18 -19, 2022
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: East Sparta Church of God, 515 E Bockman Way Sparta, TN

What a fantastic weekend this was. Starting Friday night several of us went up early and visited the Goodie store, updated our shirt collection, pins, jackets, patches, and decals. Enjoyed dinner and then back to the Church to recognize Randal and Lisa for their service as they embark on a new journey working for the home office in AR!

Saturday, we were joined the the remainder of the folks in anticipation of receiving our official charter. Some very nice words were spoken by Gary, our area rep, and by Randel himself. WE DID IT! We finally, after a year and a half, received our official charter.

Thank you to all involved and we look forward to glorifying God!

Certificate of Charter
When they announced our Charter!
Officers of SMD CMA