12/04/2021 – City of Greenback Christmas Parade

Date: December 4, 2021
Time: 11:00AM

This year’s Grand Marshal, and leading Greenback into the 2021 Christmas season is a super duper special little fella from our community!!!

Levi Potter, turning 8 on December 27th, is super excited to get to lead our parade this year! Levi will be accompanied by the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and they are ready to rumble the streets of Greenback!

Levi’s Story:

In June 2019, Levi fell over a ball breaking his femur. He had surgery to have two plates and nine screws placed. In January he had surgery to have the plates and screws removed. He got an infection after surgery. He had muscle weakness and random fevers that nobody could explain. In September 2020, he had a seizure that lasted about 7 minutes or a little longer. Ct showed that he had a cyst in his brain on his left lobe that was just over 3 cm. Since then, Levi has had several more seizures. He also had a cyst on his lower spinal cord near his tail bone that tethered his spinal cord and had surgery to repair that January 2021. He still suffers from the cyst in his brain that is almost 5cm now. He also is high functioning autistic and sensory processing disorder. He has many medical appointments usually monthly, MRIi’s and EEG’s every three to six months depending on how he is doing. This last MRI revealed a new spot on his right lobe of his brain that they think might be scar tissue from seizures or his fall when he broke his femur, but they are just going to continue to keep an eye on the cysts and see if it is stable enough to remain or needs to be removed since this does require brain surgery.

How can you help? With current medical bills piling up, car troubles, and a big life adjustment to having to stay home and home school the children, we are asking our community to consider making a donation to the Potter family this year! No donation is too small!!

All registrants of the parade are asked to make a donation if possible, there will be folks with buckets walking with the Potter family in the parade and you can throw a few bucks as well as Christmas cards in them as they pass by, and We will provide the families Venmo and cash app links.

We would love it if some folks would have signs of support to encourage Levi to stay strong along and hoot & holler for Levi as he passes by. Please also add Levi & his family to your prayer lists!

Thank you Greenback for helping us love on this very special family this year!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

~ The Greenback Events Team


Cash app$dorothytiptonpotter